Moncler Down Simple High Collar And Sleeveless Men Vests M2055

Moncler Down Simple High Collar And Sleeveless Men Vests M2055

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Moncler Men's Vest, whether you're scrambling steep pitches or diving into a bowl of fresh-poured powder, vests keep your core warm without suffocating you in the process. Moncler Down Vest Men is the great gift for men who like skiing or exploring. Moncler vest always show people its brilliant color and luxury, which fits the favorites of most of people. Nowadays, they like to catch the trendy of fashion through hair styles, stylish clothes, and so on. Moncler outlet

■ Gilet made of the Moncler brand's signature lacquered nylon.
■ Side  pockets with zips and front logo.
■ Techno fabric
■ Snap-button, zip fly closure
■ Two pockets
■ One internal jacket pocket
■  Feather down lined

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